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Club Colours Direct specialise in the manufacture of quality embroidered saddlecloths and braided rope reins and leads, made to order in custom colours for you, your team or your Club.

We supply Australia-wide by mail order and offer discounted prices on embroidered saddlecloths for clubs and schools, no minimum orders apply.



Bareback Pads
Dog Leads
Leads - 1 & 2 Colour
Reins - Buckle
Reins - Endurance
Reins - Grass
Reins - Joined
Reins - Split
Reins - Sporting
Reins - Western
Saddlecloths - Basic/Club
Saddlecloth - Dressage
Saddlecloths - Swallowtail
Saddlecloths - GP
General Purpose

Our Environmental Policy

Club Colours Direct have a policy of recycling all of our offcuts to ensure we are not adding to the pollution of our planet.

Our foam offcuts are returned to the manufacturer where they are recycled into carpet underlay.

Our fabric offcuts are used for filling soft toys.

Our rope offcuts are transformed into figurines and sculptures.



You asked for little saddlecloths, so we've added 3 new sizes for our younger riders.
* Mini (for pony pads)
* Mini Drafter
* Pony Fender

To ensure the best fit, we now offer 9 sizes in our Basic saddlecloth range to fit all shapes and sizes of pony and horse.
See Saddlecloths - Basic/Club


Mini saddlecloth


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Club Colours Direct can now be followed on FaceBook, note we prefer to talk to our customers and contact via email, if you have any enquiries please email or call direct.


Our Guarantee.....

We specialise in making products to the high standard that Australia has always produced. Because our products are made to last, not made to break, we know they will last for years, and we're proud of it!

Our products don't end up in landfill after only one year, they're a proven favourite for many years of happy riding, and that's our guarantee to you.

By supporting Australian made, we all minimise our carbon footprints, we keep the jobs in Australia and we're all helping to keep Australia, and the planet, clean!

We're happy when you're happy!

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Sporting Reins




Club Colours Direct
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