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Basic Saddlecloths
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We've added 3 NEW SIZES to our Basic Saddlecloth range!

With so many saddles now on the market we now offer 3 NEW SIZES for the smaller rider, Mini for the pony pads, Mini Drafter and a Pony Fender, a total of 9 SIZES to choose from. Your Members can purchase their club saddlecloths in the size that fits rather than using oversized or undersized saddlecloths. Custom sizes catered for.

Following are the abbreviations for sizes used in the price lists on the fabric pages. Measurements are in both metric and imperial and are approximate.

Mini Drafter Mini Small Pony Pony
Western Pony Fender Large Extra Large
590 x 665 510 x 765 580 x 830 580 x 900 610 x 995 700 x 850 720 x 920 750 x 1100 800 x 1200
23" x 26" 20" x 30" 23" x 33" 23" x 36" 24" x 40" 28" x 34" 28" x 36" 30" x 44" 32" x 48"

Choose either round or square corners on the front and back of your basic saddlecloth. The preferred shape of a Club saddlecloth can be used in all sizes.

Cotton Drill Under
With a number of our fabrics we also offer a good quality pre-shrunk Cotton Drill, in either black, white, navy blue or bottle green, under the saddlecloth, as it has always been a favourite due to its natural fibres. The quality fabrics we use on top are not prone to fading or shrinkage like cotton fabrics, and will lengthen the life of your saddlecloth.

Our prices are set according to size and cut of both fabric and foam ensuring a fair price structure so you only pay for the size you need.

We offer Special Prices for embroidered Club saddlecloths, with no minimum order requirement. Club Special Prices also apply to bulk saddlecloths in the Club's colours only, with no embroidery, but a minimum bulk order requirement of 10 applies.

Prices for basic saddlecloths, unless stated otherwise, include 15mm or 20mm high density foam that will not curl. 25mm high density foam also available $7 per saddlecloth.

We use Polyester as it's the strongest and most durable. Cotton will rot and polypropylene will shrink under heat.

Vinyl Binding and Lettering
Vinyl binding available in limited colours $7 per saddlecloth.
Vinyl lettering $7 per letter

Double Binding
Polyester double binding $7 per saddlecloth
Metallic double binding, in Gold or Silver Lame ribbon $12 per saddlecloth

Custom Size Saddlecloths
Charge for pattern creation $15






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